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City Clerk

  1. Commission Application

    Commission Application

Community Services

  1. Maintenance Issue Report Temp
  2. Personal Training Inquiry (CRC)
  1. Maintenance Request for Potholes

    Please complete the form below to notify the City's Maintenance team of potholes. Please indicate the street address or cross streets... More…

  2. Volunteer Application

    To submit your application for a volunteer position, please complete the form below.

Environmental Services

  1. Charter Cable Complaint Form

    Charter Communications has been granted a franchise from the State to provide cable television services in Morgan Hill. If you are... More…

  2. Water Waste Report

    Fall form effective November 1 thru March 31st.

  1. Illicit Discharge Into Stormdrain Report


  1. Request to Cancel Water Service

    Please complete the following information to cancel water/sewer service. Form must be submitted by 4:30pm at least one business day in... More…